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How can you do your best work… or advance your career… or go for your dreams, if you’re constantly exhausted?

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Do you spend your sleepless nights worrying about your frazzled days? And spend frazzled days, worrying if you’ll sleep at night? It’s a horrible dilemma that just drains your life.

You need your rest! But that doesn’t help much at night, when you’re stuck in the insomnia box. The only options seem to be:

  • Suffer while you try, try, and try some more to sleep
  • Get up and do something semi-useful . . . but feel wrecked the next day
  • Take a remedy or medicine – maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, but you still feel woozy from taking it.

I’ve been there with my own bout of sleepless nights. And I see lots of people struggle with insomnia in our bonkers, overstimulated society. It’s even worse now with the way politics and current events are unfolding.

People are stressed, and sleep can be hard to find.

Understanding your wakeful nights

Even with stressful lives, some people doze right off while others don’t. If you struggle to get restful nights, if you feel drained and zoned out during the day, let’s do an assessment and see what’s blocking you from renewing at night.

When you join me in this free 30-40 minute consultation, we’ll explore what really happens during your sleepless hours. We’ll assess what your biggest barriers are to getting the rest you need and options to help you move through them.

What you’ll come away with

After our consultation, you’ll:

  1. Recognize the biggest issues that keep you from rest right now.
  2. Know an effective first step to use that night.
  3. Have a plan so you can move to more restful nights. That might include options for us to work more deeply together, if that’s appropriate.

When we connect about the hidden stressor of insomnia – even through a short conversation – you’ll begin to see your nights in a new light.

About me

Sondra Kornblatt

What do you want in an insomnia coach? Someone who:

  • Understands insomnia: I went through an extended bout of chronic insomnia (and still have it at times), which helped me develop the Restful Insomnia program. I’ve worked with sleep doctors and written my book, Restful Insomnia.
  • Has a method that works: Restful Insomnia has helped thousands of people get a new framework on insomnia. I developed it using skills in visualization, hypnosis, meditation, yoga, Reiki, and more. These myriad tools can powerfully soothe difficult nights and welcome sleep.
  • Knows how to coach: I graduated the Coaches Training Institute, one of the few programs certified by the International Coach Federation, the largest worldwide resource for coaching and coaches. My bachelors degree is in community affairs, focused on counseling. I am certified in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and in hypnosis. And I’ve done many other personal development studies and communication training.
  • Is curious, kind, and funny: Insomnia is hell on wheels, I know. I’m curious what it’s like for you, and I care what you’re going through. And while I’m much more straightforward on my website, a little humor about life’s difficulties (but not the person!) goes a long way. It’s a momentary change of perspective, and a laugh is a big stress reducer!
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Working with you changed my nights

Just accepting that I could rest during my insomnia rather than fighting it – my anxiety and panic attacks that had plagued me at night disappeared.

~ Stephanie Osborn

Let’s set up a time to talk

Schedule a time on my calendar, which has a few questions about your sleepness nights and their impact.

Then we can connect via phone, video, or in-person to get clarity about how to release your struggle with insomnia.

I can’t wait to talk with you, so you can change your nights.

Wishing you restful nights,