Restful nights and energized days…
End your insomnia struggle and live the life you crave.

If you’re like many exhausted people, you miss living the life you love.

You want to be engaged with things you care about… but insomnia, sleep issues, anxiety, overload, and our dysfunctional culture leave you frazzled, depleted, and unable to do more than tread water. Maybe you can no longer do these things:

  • Sleep well at night, or feel fully here when you wake.
  • Enjoy your partner and kids without feeling testy or on edge.
  • Finish crucial business projects without making mistakes or nodding off.
  • Let go of anxiety about what you haven’t gotten done or how your life is (not) going.
  • Feel much kindness to yourself, because you’re not who you know you could be….
  • Take on projects you’re passionate about, like volunteering, writing, creating art, being an activist, calling your local representatives, or even pulling the dandelions in the garden.
  • Even remember what your life dreams were anymore.

Get back to the life you want.

Insomnia and rough days just feed each other, back and forth. I know, I’ve been there.

Fortunately the tools I created during chronic insomnia – plus my training and experience as life and sleep coach – helped clients befriend themselves at night and align with their days. They’ve reduced or stopped medications, feel much less anxiety and stress, have energy and focus for their days, and (yay!) welcome the delights of sleep.

For restful nights and energized days

This sleep-doctor approved program teaches you to deeply rest your body, mind, and emotions. It helps you restore you for the next day, and welcomes sleep to boot.

Check out if it’s the right fit for you in a free consultation.

If you feel you’re at the end of your rope…

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The first step might surprise you:
stop the impossible crusade for sleep.

Learn why in my free ebook, 3 Reasons Why Trying to Sleep is Keeping You Up. . . and change your perspective on your nights.

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