A New Perspective On Wealth

Can a poem change your life? This one did for me. Luna Jaffe (financial planner, artist, poet, and more) helped me see how my “non-essential” values and efforts have created true wealth:

To care and be cared for by friends, family, nature, myself, my body, a bigger presence.


Luna Jaffe

You can sit on your gold

piled high in

whitewashed institutions,

but it will not hold

your head or stroke your

cheek or feed you chicken soup

when your world lies broken

at your feet.

Instead, you must invest

   the seeds of vulnerability,

   the grain of your longings,

into the lives of other humans

that are here, with you,

walking the tender trails

of exquisite mourning.

This is what you have been

saving for

without knowing it.

Each time you open your door,

    open your heart, open your wallet

Each time you offer a hand or an ear

Each time you reach out and companion

    someone when their strength falters

You are building your wealth,

    that sacred source of sustenance that

    cannot be tallied or contained or controlled.

When you walk through

hell, as the sticky tendrils

of darkness grab your weary limbs,

(and, believe me, we will all walk

through these corridors),

the only way to survive

is by opening to the grace

that you yourself have created.

You must allow yourself to be

tended to. You must breathe in

the arms that hold you.

You must surrender to the wild wealth

of community you’ve been

building all these years.

This and only this

is how it’s possible to walk through hell

bleeding and raw

to the other side

of wholeness.

You can build your wealth by resting into who you are

You don’t have to create sustenance alone. I’m here to help you with my 7 Pathways and coaching. Schedule a free assessment to see how we can work together.

And comment to let me know what you think of this poem and how you create your wealth—I’d love to hear from you.

May we be filled with wealth and love,

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