Antidepressant Sleep Aids And Dementia

Many people are so frustrated about not sleeping, they feel they have to take drugs.

I respect why they do that – insomnia stress can get really intense.

But these medicines are powerful, and not all of it is for good.

Benadryl (diphenhydramine) and amitriptyline are often taken for sleep, and they contribute to memory issues if used routinely. These and other anticholingeric medicines increase the chance of dementia long term, according to studies published in 2015 and 2018.

And even short-term, some who take them at night find that they’re not as sharp the next day.

It’s paying a big price to turn off for the night.

All we are saying… is give rest a chance

Pardon the reference to an old peace chant, but….

Many of my clients become less dependent on medicines when they learn to move into deep rest.

The switch may not happen overnight (hah!). Several transitions allow for letting go of medications to happen.

First, they learn to change a key mistaken belief:

That nights are restorative ONLY if they sleep…which of course means they chase sleep away.

Second, they learn the value of deep rest. They experience how it really does renew and (paradoxically) welcome sleep.

Third, they practice tools to rest, so when their minds are yammering or stress arises, they can create space to let go.

And last, they begin to trust the night. Instead of managing rising anxiety as they put on PJs or brush teeth, they trust that they can create a restful night and open the door to sleep.

Which is when they discover they don’t need to rely on sleep medicines to renew.

You’re not at the end of your rope.

You, too, have another option besides sleep meds. One that not only changes your nights, but also your days… and your future functional mind!

I’d be glad to have a free consultation with anyone who wants to explore rest, and making a difference in sleepless nights.

Wishing you rest,


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