Beyond embroidery: Blessing your house soothes your nights

There were no sayings on the walls in my house when I grew up.

Circle sign that says Bless this House, with Amish design birds and flowersI used to think that slogans or words of encouragement were nice… and trite. The ones that said “Bless this house” seemed cute, but no more significant than a smiley face.

I’ve changed my mind. Maybe not about the embroidered signs. But the idea of blessing the house.

It started when my housemate of a year and a half decided to move on, and abandon me. Well, it felt that way.

I don’t like living alone all that much. Some privacy is nice, but I have remnants of a childhood anxiety about being safe in my house. My home alarm reduces any physical fear, but my energy is still negative. Even with managing it, the stress was fairly chronic in the background, especially at night.

Then I remembered something my therapist told me when I was anxious about someone traveling on a big trip. “Instead of following them with worry,” she said, “send them blessings for a safe journey, happy drive, being well.”

That was a gift. I already had them in my mind, but instead of holding my breath and imagining the worst, I could just send out loving thoughts. It eased my body and mind.

I realized I was doing the same thing by imagining danger in the house. Even when I “managed” the fear.

So I decided to bless my house: imagining it being happy and safe, whole and well. 

  • Sometimes I said it aloud (when you live alone, it’s not unusual).
  • Sometimes I’d visualize that the house had a grounding cord, connecting the walls and corners into the earth. Roses sent the fretful energy into the earth, which turned the worry to compost.
  • Sometimes I’d simply love the house, and feel sheltered by its embrace.

“Blessing the house” or my bedroom also changed the energy in my body. It helped me settle into sleep and rest.

Take a moment to notice your home. Notice how it is supporting you… keeping you sheltered…. Notice how it keeps things warm when it needs to be warm; shaded when it needs to be shaded. It may not be perfect, mine isn’t. And it’s also a gift.

You have a relationship with your home, one that can be deepened. When you appreciate and bless what’s around you, it makes a significant impact on your own being as well.

Bless us, one and all.

P.S. Blessing your house is related to two of the 7 Pathways to Rest: the environment (#2) and connecting to a bigger picture (#6).

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