Meditation Isn’t Enough

The first time I meditated, it was absolute ecstasy. Instead of living the blues, I felt vibrant, alive, even happy. My bedraggled 20-year-old self was hooked. Each morning after, I repeated my [...]

Trees Can Hug You

Two friends I haven’t seen since the pandemic biked over to share some tomato starts. It was great to see them… and so frustrating not being able to hug hello. Social distancing is [...]

Hey! You (should) smell!

You smell! Or you should, especially if you get caught up in stress, boredom, anxiety, too much thinking, or compulsive responses. Smelling enlivens you back to your senses. In the spring we get [...]

5 Things to See

Life can get really distorted with stress. It could “just” be mental overload – non-stop thinking or non-stop forgetting. Or stress may create internal photo filters, but instead of [...]