Can you stop the movie loop and focus on the lights?

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In memory of Consuelo González, I’m sharing one of her poems and a short funny video. They open up new perspectives to what is possible—just like she did.


by Consuelo González

I don’t recommend
projecting thoughts of your most unwanted
onto your personal screen.

I can’t give a thumbs up
to the hand-wringing practice
of detailing fearful outcomes. All that adrenaline,
and nothing to show for it but a full audience, a well-lit stage,
and no lines memorized. Or worse. Much worse.

You may think you’re being wise, preparing for the worst,
covering all bases. But your Overhead Projector
is a beacon, collecting energy that shapes itself in your image.

It is better to remember, in time, that you are the projectionist.
You need not paw through the dark unspooled reels
writhing at your feet; you can choose
to focus the bare bulb,
to project pure light instead.

Look around: a flickering screen, fluttering
as fast as a hummingbird,
shows the radiance of your dreams.

All your realities are in motion around you.


How I will remember Consuelo: be more present, dance at every chance, behold the deepest of others and myself, listen and look, infuse the spiritual reality, laugh, own my truth with vengeance, remember that everything is love.

If you celebrate this US Thanksgiving holiday, I hope you feel deeply grateful and honor its painful history. Both open your heart to be more present in this beautiful and difficult world.

For your health and peace,

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