Imagine if you could get the rest you need….

If you suffer with insomnia, life can get very small. Do you:

  • Struggle to sleep
  • Count the time until the alarm rings
  • Pull yourself out of bed
  • Hope to calm your tired nerves, and not say anything you’ll regret
  • Wish you had energy to do what you really want…
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If so, you’re managing life, rather than living it.

However, when you stop battling to sleep and learn to really, deeply rest – when you renew at night and welcome sleep – you move into alignment with the life you want. You have room to be who you are. What would your world be like then?

Why I offer Restful Insomnia coaching.

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With Restful Insomnia coaching, you learn how to get the rest you need, to live the life you want. We’ll create personal, customized tools that fit you – from your sleep habits, environment, body needs, and natural strengths.

You’ll learn new perspectives and an abundance of techniques, changing the hell and stress of insomnia to the grace of renewal, one that opens your pathway to sleep. These tools work when your body, mind, and emotions keep you awake.

Who will benefit from insomnia coaching?

Coaching will benefit anyone who’s sick of stressful sleepless nights and wants to learn a new way to get the rest they need.

It’s especially for you if you learn well with in-depth personal training and feedback. And particularly if you would like to have a variety of customized tools reflecting your unique struggles and abilities.

Why rest works, and also helps you sleep.

Deep rest renews the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

You may have already experienced this when you haven’t been able to sleep, even for a few minutes… that state of deep relaxation. Did you notice how refreshed you felt afterwards? Or was the path to falling asleep?

The value of rest is not just anecdotal. Science supports the benefits of rest, in and of itself.

For instance, rest decreases difficult moods, body and emotional stress, and pain. And increases sleep hormones, energy, and concentration… and happiness, too!

I’m sure you’ve also experienced how relaxation helps move you to sleep. Deep rest relaxes not just the body, but also the mind, emotions, and state of being. And that tunes your brainwaves and body to the embrace of sleep.

Sleep is the cat’s pajamas, and…

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Sleep, sleep, sleep! It’s a true delight, the cat’s pajamas (“highly desirable” per this 1920s phrase).

But the act of chasing sleep keeps you stressed and actually discourages sleep from coming to visit.

Instead, when you know how to deeply rest, you soothe insomnia stress, get renewing benefits you seek, and welcome sleep to boot. That gives you power at night and energy the next day, instead of praying and hoping that sleep will come.

My sleep is much better, and I really think the work I did with you helped a lot.

Shifting my focus from sleep to rest was somewhat of a game changer, and I’ve been recommending you to my patients in need.

David Lerner

What you’ll get from insomnia coaching:

Everyone has their own version of insomnia – each sleepless night can have its own struggles. That’s where insomnia coaching comes in.

Through our work together, you’ll have an in-depth assessment of your sleep strengths and struggles. You will learn, get feedback on, and practice a wide array of techniques – personalized to you. And practice how to move into rest as well.

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Any time you’re sleepless, you’ll be able to identify the obstacles getting in your way. You’ll have at your disposal a technique to let it go – or other ones if that tool doesn’t shift you into rest.

We’ll also explore issues in your life that fuel your insomnia. We’ll move through those obstacles, so you feel more in alignment with your nights and days.

Through coaching, you’ll change your relationship to insomnia, so even when you have it, it’s a manageable problem. You’ll have more energy during the day, feel more aligned with your life, and you’ll be helping yourself sleep as well.

You have the gift, maybe hidden away just now, to have nights that work… to renew during sleepless hours and to live the meaningful life you crave.

What is the process of insomnia coaching?

To transform your insomnia,  so you trust your ability to rest . . . we’ll work together for 9 one-hour sessions over 3 months. We’ll talk by phone or video, (or in-person in Seattle) – whatever you’d like the best.

In the first of the nine sessions, we’ll review your insomnia in detail:

  • What your nights and days are like
  • Your insomnia history
  • Sleep habits
  • Body needs
  • Emotional stressors
  • What you’ve tried
  • Your environment overview including partners, and more
  • How you relate to the obstacles to rest.

We’ll also look into how you like to learn, and your natural strengths in making change. And we’ll talk about your relationship to sleep, and any concerns you have about the value of rest. All of that provides the foundation for creating personalized tools based on you and your nights.

Then in the next sessions, we’ll address the seven Restful Insomnia pathways to rest: your relationship with sleep, environment, body, mind, emotions, and bigger picture; and aligning with who you really are.

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At the beginning of each session, we’ll check in on how your nights have been, and how well practicing Restful Insomnia tools worked. We’ll then review how a particular obstacle affects you, and we’ll customize techniques to help you move through each one, so you can rest and welcome sleep. We’ll also practice rest, so you can feel it in yourself and see what resistance arises. At the end of the session, you’ll choose one or two tools we’ve discussed to practice the following week.

(By the way, Restful Insomnia is not hypnosis. But I’ll be glad to explore those options if you’re interested in that.)

Between sessions, I’m always available for email questions, comments, and to help you hone a skill that may need a few tweaks.

These sessions are the baseline for transforming insomnia. You’ll have a detailed understanding of your insomnia; new perspectives on causes and the obstacles of environment, emotions, mind, and more; key tools so you move through those obstacles to rest; clarity about life- alignment issues that may be keeping you up; and practice resting itself.

After the first three months… we’ll evaluate how you’re relating to insomnia and your life. We’ll both have a much better idea of what’s needed, and see what coaching engagement will help you move forward. Whether it’s for life-alignment, or for you to learn more tools, have time to integrate them with my feedback, help your partner understand how to help you rest, or deal with other issues related to your insomnia or life.

I can also coordinate with therapists and other practitioners, so Restful Insomnia is integrated into your personal healing process.

It gives me great joy to share, to help people transform their suffering and replenish their body, minds, and souls.

Who am I and how do I know how to help you?

What do you want in an insomnia coach? Someone who:

  • Understands insomnia: I went through an extended bout of chronic insomnia, which helped me develop the Restful Insomnia program. I still have insomnia at times, but it’s not a problem, because I can rest. Since creating the program, I’ve studied about sleep and insomnia, including for in my book, Restful Insomnia.
  • Has a method that works: Restful Insomnia has helped thousands of people get a new framework on insomnia. I developed it using skills in visualization, hypnosis, meditation, yoga, Reiki, and more. These myriad tools powerfully soothe difficult nights and welcome sleep.
  • Knows how to coach: I graduated the Coaches Training Institute, one of the few programs certified by the International Coach Federation, the largest worldwide resource for coaching and coaches. My university training included counseling and community affairs. I am certified in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and in hypnosis. And I’ve done many other personal development studies and communication training.
  • Is curious, kind, and funny: Insomnia is hell on wheels, I know. I’m curious what it’s like for you, and I care what you’re going through. And while I’m much more straightforward on my website, a little humor about life’s difficulties (but not the person!) goes a long way. It’s a momentary change of perspective, and a laugh is a big stress reducer!

Insomnia coaching… isn’t that strange to need that?

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If you’re like most people, you’ve been around the block with insomnia. What have you tried? Magnesium, eating turkey for tryptophan, restricting your sleep habits, exercise, wine, sleeping pills? Some of these remedies might have worked for a night or two, or didn’t work at all, or gave you weird dreams or zoned-out days.

Despite all you’ve tried, you still feel agitated when you can’t sleep, and maybe dread the thought of going to bed.

That’s where insomnia coaching helps. Instead of reading a million books or websites, instead of trying the latest idea in hopes of a good night, we focus on what keeps you from rest. What stressors keep you awake the most? Then we’ll customize techniques based on your stressors, strengths, and learning style. That gives you a toolbox of techniques to manage what comes up that keeps you awake, so instead you rest and sleep.

What it Costs

In the past, 9 sessions of coaching, addressing all the pathways to rest, was priced to reflect the value of  you having nights of rest, with energy for your days. It has great positive impact on your relationships, work, parenting, self care, and being you.

And while that’s all true, I’ve changed the lens through which I looked at the costs. Instead of focusing on just on the value, I want to serve more people who are struggling with sleepless nights.

The pricing that sits well in my heart is $810 for the nine sessions (or 3 monthly payments of $300).  This three month program, with  9 one-hour sessions covers:

    • In-depth insomnia assessment
    • Exploration of obstacles and beliefs that get in the way of rest and sleep
    • Tools for each major obstacle, personalized. and support as you implement them
    • Practice of restful techniques, to experience deep rest
    • Uncovering how you can get more aligned with the life you desire
    • A copy of my book, Restful Insomnia

If you find that coaching isn’t the right avenue for you after the first session, I offer a refund on the remaining portion.

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What you’ll come away with: room for you

Insomnia coaching helps you recover your personal power to manage insomnia in new ways. So you’re not at the mercy of fickle sleep. So you have energy the next day. So you welcome the beauty of sleep and encourage it as well, without chasing it.

You’ll come away from coaching with some practical, personalized tools, so you can:

  • Change your relationship with sleep and rest
  • Create an environment to rest
  • Move into your body’s desire to let go
  • Quiet your chattering mind
  • Get some space around emotions, and
  • Lessen loneliness by connecting with something bigger and practicing compassion
  • Align with who you really are – night and day

Beyond that, you’ll have something much deeper.

A way through suffering and powerlessness, a way through anxiety and even non-stop thoughts. Ways to connect with your deeper self… to care for who you are underneath, your sense of presence, and to deeply rest during the night. Which carries into changing your days.

When you know how to care for yourself in the struggle of insomnia, you’ll have more capability to to care for yourself when other struggles arise during the day, to use some of the same tools to relax into the moment, and to see its beauty.

This ability – to create restful nights and more sleep, to renew, to tap into who you really are… it’s a gift to yourself, your family, and your life. A larger life, one that has room for who you really want to be.

Is coaching right for you? Let’s talk!

You may be ready to transform your insomnia. Hurray, I’d love to work with you.
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And you may not be sure yet. Also hurray, I want to work with you when it feels like the right path.

If at this point you aren’t sure if this is a good fit, I encourage you to get in touch to connect in person. Just click here to find a time for us to meet with the free insomnia assessment . No cost, no pressure, just a chance to figure out what is right for you, and learn a little bit about your unique insomnia obstacles as well!

It gives me deep joy to help people stop the daily, incessant suffering from sleepless nights. I hope you’re interested in seeing how Restful Insomnia will change yours.

Wishing you restful nights,


After 10+ years of struggle, I can finally rest.

I am so lucky to have found Sondra and her Restful Insomnia program because after 10+ years of struggling with insomnia, I can finally rest.

Elizabeth R. Kriston
Speech-Language Pathologist