Do Your Legs Keep You Awake?

Do your legs jiggle and keep you awake?

Mine do from time to time. They start to feel twitchy at the end of the day. If I stretch or move them, they get a little better for a little while, but the urge to move keeps happening.

They’re distracting (at best) and can edge towards annoying, achy, and wakeful. I manage them with extra magnesium or putting my legs up on the wall or a chair.

That erratic twitching and urge to move – even when there are moments of quiet – make it it hard to let go. Just writing about it makes me overly sensitive to little aches in my legs.

But what I had was nothing compared to my friend, Sarah.

She had restless legs syndrome (RLS) many, many nights. If they didn’t keep her up, they woke her in the middle of the night.

Sarah didn’t know she was sleep deprived.

Sarah is a down-to-earth person who hikes, gardens, and raises chickens.

Whenever possible she chooses alternatives to pharmaceutical medications, but she was at the end of her rope.

Our meditation teacher suggested she try Mirapex – he used it for his RLS. So Sarah got a prescription last month.

It not only worked, but it made her realize how sleep deprived she had been.

Sarah and I have done a weight training class together for years. She used to tell me she was worried about getting dementia like her mother – especially when she couldn’t concentrate to solve Sudoku puzzles.

But after her legs stopped interrupting her sleep, she had a whole new outlook on life.

She was clear headed, solved the puzzles, and refreshed. She didn’t know what she had been missing.

What’s depriving you of sleep or your life?

I’m sharing this not just in case your legs are keeping you up.

Because if you’re slogging through your days, if you aren’t sure what else to do to make things better….
…you might find a surprise that can change your life.

It could be learning how to really deeply rest when you can’t sleep, a medication that soothes your legs, or discovering how to experience your values in your everyday life.

As always, I’m happy to assess and create a plan so you can move past what’s holding you down. Contact me for a free consultation – for you, a family member, co-worker, or friend.

I want you to feel fully part of your life, night and day.



For smooth and restful nights,


P.S. I’m excited to start a NEW GROUP this coming fall. So many people I talk to feel isolated in insomnia and out of tune with life.

I’m looking forward creating a small group community, where you can learn to rest into who you really are, night and day.

Keep your eye out for details!

P.P.S. I had a great time talking with Bere Blissenbach, from Leaderforgood.com, about sleep, kindness, anxiety, and paradox. Listen in!

P.P.P.S Natural remedies for RLS

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