Don’t believe everything you think, especially at night

If you wake up in mental overload—and it happens to be the same day your sister is leaving after a long visit—the problems in your mind might not be the problem. I know because this happened to me.

When you have stress you don’t want to acknowledge, the mind can jump in to interpret and distract yourself from feeling it.

Sorting out the content from what’s underneath is something I do with my clients. I listen to concerns… and also to their energy and the feeling underneath.

For one client, a hidden fear of mortality made small stresses huge. For another, a deep fear of failure was tying him up in knots, well beyond the problems at work he named.

Monday night, I woke up with my mind spinning MANY THOUGHTS—about the next day’s plans, laundry from a house of departing guests, if there were enough eggs for my breakfast. Nothing I could do anything about, nothing that really mattered, but the thoughts loomed very large.

Computerized drawing of woman looking up through virtual reality glassesI had to get out of the mental reality, in order to rest. I needed to connect with other layers of reality beyond the virtual reality in my mind. I used the first of the 7 pathways to get there.

  1. I was willing to rest and not force sleep.
  2. My environment was fine.
  3. My body was holding tension, though it helped when I let go of 5% of it.
  4. My mind was going apeshit. But I checked with my emotions before addressing that.
  5. On the emo pathway, I recognized my sad heart because my sister was flying back home across the country. That’s where my real stress was. My mind was trying to “explain” the tension in my body and heart, all the while not really feeling it.

I used resting tools to release energy from my emotional body in very subtle micromovements. I relaxed the back of my shoulders and neck so the energy would flow between my head and my heart. I rocked. I gave my mind something else to occupy it that wasn’t really important.

I could feel the sadness exist. Slowly it shifted, and I returned to rest and sleep.

Pay attention to what’s underneath the thoughts, rather than letting your wonderful and tricky mind get in the way of you being with yourself, and with rest.

As the old saying goes, Don’t believe everything you think, especially when you’re in mental overload.

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