Renewing in Chaos: Finding Rest in Turbulent Times

Navigate your nights to renew, rest, and welcome sleep.

Are you awake – tied up angst about politics, news, the planet? You can learn to renew at night, so you can live your days with meaning, energy, and focus.

I’ve spent nights drowning in fears, driven by news, sadness, and my own hellish imagination. Sleep and rest seemed far away.

But I honed Restful Insomnia tools, and developed new ones, so now I can move into restful nights, no matter what post I’ve just seen or news I’ve heard. And not just me. Clients have found relief in these techniques as well.

Cairn balanced in rushing river

You can renew even during stressful nights.

Even in stressful times, you can touch into who you really are, to live the life that’s here now.

Watch the video to learn more about Renewing in Chaos: Finding Rest in Turbulent Times.

It’s okay to rest.

It’s hard to let go when caught in anxiety.

But when you do, when you move into deep rest, you have energy to deal with what’s bothering you. Instead of getting sucked into the endless vortex of anxiety.

Getting your rest is crucial, especially in chaotic times – so you can manage your health, moods, and have more energy to be present in your life.

With these 9 videos, you will change sleepless nights:

  • Tested tools to renew during turbulent nights
  • Pathways to gently tap into your body’s wisdom
  • Guidance to manage news and media overload
  • Soothing methods to quiet your mind
  • Proven techniques that create calming space around emotions
  • Wise perspectives to help you connect to your bigger picture
  • Guided meditations to feel compassion for yourself and others

I can’t wait to share these videos with you.

Sign up now to get 9 videos (4-15 minutes each with guides to each video), totalling over 90 miniutes of powerful content, for just $95. (If you are a non-profit that supports diversity, ecological health, or human rights, email me about a free copy to your agency.)

Come learn how to rest, renew, and open the door to sleep, no matter how stressed life becomes.

Wishing you restful nights,


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Get deep, renewing rest at night, and open the door to sleep.

Through Restful Insomnia, I no longer experience hideous bouts of anxiety during the night.

~ Stephanie Osborne