Grateful for your imperfect self!

It’s the end of the year, with shopping frenzy, family celebrations, parties, travels, visitors, traffic, sweets, indulgences, and consequences….  Whew!

During this time for renewal and dark (in the Northern Hemisphere), I wish for you a deepening gratitude—for all of yourself.

  • For the things you like: Learning, health (as our bodies continue to care for us the best they can), mobility, persistence, loving, responsibility, deep values, good intentions, kindness, authenticity, connecting with nature or spirit….
  • For the things you may take for granted: Home, food, water, air, creativity, work….
  • And even for the things you dislike: Procrastination, fear, limitations, stuckness, stubbornness, regrets, bad habits, shame….

You’re already perfectly & imperfectly whole

You are whole, including your imperfection.

The more love and compassion you give all of yourself, the more balance you gain in relating to yourself, your world, and of course your ability to let go and rest.

For my part, I appreciate you and your support—in comments, referrals, as clients, and in your heart.

May you have much health and healing, tenderness and strength, rest and vivacity, as we circle the sun on our lovely green blue-planet again.

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