Put Insomnia to Rest – to welcome sleep and really live

Holding on by your fingertips?

So many people are giving more than they can. Or want to give more to life, but they’re exhausted, unable to get enough rest enough, and barely holding on. Sound familiar? Maybe you’re:

    • Struggling with sleep, anxiety, loneliness, and frustration…
    • Drained, without the energy for life…
    • Stressed-out and sad because you have so much to give to life, but can’t find your path or can’t move on it…

A lot of people come to me like that – giving, vibrant clients and students who’ve gotten lost under all their struggles and exhaustion.

They’ve tried to make things better. At night, it might be magnesium, melatonin, CBT-i (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia), exercise before 6 PM, sleeping pills, herbal teas, and the latest consumer sleep stuff (pillows, mattresses, electronic eye masks, etc.). These things might work, or might not, though they often create physical and emotional dependencies.

During the day, depleted people try to boost themselves and return to who they know they really are – with caffeine, meditation, yoga, volunteering, therapy, relaxation exercises, classes, etc. They might get some short term boosts, but people feel at the end of their rope when they don’t revive their vibrant self that’s wilting underneath.

There’s hope, though. I’ve experienced it and seen it with clients and students who were exhausted and worn out. They’ve found ways to rest, sleep, heal the underlying problems, and come back to who they really are.

Sleep doesn’t happen from the outside in.


I’m sure you’ve heard all the advice about sleep: A dark room or a supportive bed. Eating well and moving during the day. Sleep habits that keep your body in its rhythm.

It’s a good foundation, but it addresses sleep from the outside in.

Even if the outside is good and the inside isn’t… you can’t force sleep to come to you.

Still, you’re not stuck at the dead-end of a one-way street.

When you have skills and tools, you can change your relationship to your body, mind, emotions, and self. You can create the waves of rest and sleep, and come back to being yourself, your whole self.

I’ve helped thousands learn to create a field of deep rest – so they can not only rest but also create the life they want, to give, get, do, and love.

I know how to help

I struggled with horrible chronic insomnia over 15 years ago. But then, what a gift! I developed pathways to deep rest and sleep. And I’ve been coaching and training others since then to have a new ability to replenish, welcome sleep, and finally feel jazzed enough to go after their dreams.

In addition to being the author of four health books (on sleep, brain function, and energy boosting) I am a life coach and sleep coach, with a degree in community service with counseling.

I combine many disciplines (such as yoga, somatic healing, meditation, visualization, and hypnosis) with my focus on deep rest, creating techniques so people find pathways back to themselves.

I get such joy helping people discover their next steps in coaching, classes, and groups, so they stop struggling with insomnia. I see them grow confident that they can renew when they can’t sleep, and see the amazing things they are able to do with their lives.

Rest into who you really are in this online group

This group teaches you new ways to balance your life. With these profound new approaches, you’ll have the ability to regenerate yourself at night, to have energy for the life you crave.

This online course covers 4 of the seven pathways to rest: your relationship to sleep, rest, body, mind, and emotions. These basics help you do more than lie still and hope you calm down. They can help you change your relationship with your nights and yourself, and get you on the road to resting into who you are.

Each of the 4 pathways includes new perspectives and at least one tool. In this group you will:

  • Understand and expand your relationship to sleep.
  • Learn how to use deep rest to renew and  create the space for sleep.
  • Reconnect with your body, bringing you wisdom and healing without needing to work at it.
  • Manage your chattering mind, so you can finally get silence and rest where it’s most important, inside yourself!
  • Deal with the emotions and upsets that wake you up or keep you up, so you can rest even when things are hard in life.
  • Create your own set of tools and rituals to support your deep rest and sleep.

What’s great about groups is seeing people break through the isolation of exhaustion and insomnia, connect and learn with others.

We’ll meet one hour each week for 6 weeks. And you can join a private Facebook group for questions and conversations, to support your practice of being deeply with yourself, to welcome sleep and live your life.

Nicely woven between techniques and physiology of our bodies – well done!

Natasha, class participant

The details: when and how

Put Insomnia to Rest is open to people who want to create a new relationship with their nights and life.

The course is 6 weeks, Wednesdays for one hour at 4 PM Pacific time, (7 PM Eastern).

Class starts in January, 2020:

  • January 15, 22, and 29
  • February 5, 12, and 19


What’s a group session like?
Each class we’ll start with centering ourselves, and then I will teach one of the tools in-depth. After the teaching, we’ll take time to dig into your personal experiences and help you learn how to apply it immediately. We will also set intentions for the week.

How does the video conference work?
We’ll meet using Zoom, an easy-to-use video conferencing tool. Zoom is really easy to use (from someone who doesn’t like frustrating technology!).

I’ll send a link for our meetings. You just click on it and the Zoom meeting will open (the first time you use Zoom, it guides you to download it). Then you’ll see all of us on the screen. Zoom has many options, including chatting and turning off your video image, if you feel camera-shy.

How will I feel connected to others with a video conference?
While it’s not quite the same as being together in person, Zoom can create a connected experience. We’ll start each session by a guided connection to ourselves, then share the pathway we’re working on, with a tool. After that, anyone who’d like can share about their experience, and we’ll answer questions about the pathway, joys or bumps from the previous week, and any concerns.

You can also discuss what you’ve learned and any questions that arise during the week in the private Facebook group. In the groups I’ve led, I see how people move from the loneliness of insomnia to connecting with others.

How big will the group be?
The group will be small, from 6-15 people, so you have space to have your questions answered and learn from others.

What is my commitment? What if I have to miss?
This group helps you create a comprehensive tools to manage the key pieces of insomnia, so you can rest into who you are. Each class goes deeper, and as you practice and become familiar with more tools and perspectives , they build on each other.

But life does happen! If you miss a class, you can listen to the audio recording of each class’s instruction. And follow up with questions in the Facebook group if you’d like. As a note: If you enroll using the payment plan, payment will be due even if you have to miss a session.

Is there homework?
You’ll get more from the class and your nights if you deepen your practice of rest each week. Then the information moves from your mind to body memory. And if the tool needs tweaking, you’ll have the chance to get feedback from me and other group members on how to make it work for you.

What is the cost?

Early bird pricing: $320
Deposit of $150 by January 8 and remainder of $170 due on January 14, one day before the group begins.
Early bird deadline: January 8, 2020.

Regular pricing: $350
Paid in full by the beginning of the group on January 15.
Payment plan for regular pricing: $185 on Jan 15, and $185 on Feb 5, 2020.

And contact me for additional discount if you’d like to bring a friend.

Talk to me! Have questions or want to check it out?

If you’re curious, have questions, want to see if it’s a fit, contact me and we can talk! It’s one of my favorite things to do, to connect and create new perspectives!

Enroll now

Does this sound like what you’ve been looking for, a chance to move past the struggle with exhaustion and insomnia into a meaningful, engaged life?

Just sign up here.

Create a bridge into rest, sleep, and your real life

Join this group and discover your pathways to move out the wearying experience of stressful nights.

And move into where your heart can open up into your deep self, welcome sleep, and live the life you have been missing for too long. Can’t wait to see you there!

Water-Lily Pond

After 10+ years of struggle, I can finally rest.

I am so lucky to have found Sondra and her Restful Insomnia program because after 10+ years of struggling with insomnia, I can finally rest.

Elizabeth R. Kriston
Speech-Language Pathologist