How do you know you have a body?

Picture of Stonehenge under cloudy skies

It’s December. The solstice is approaching. You wake in the dark, see the sun set before 5, and deal with rain, winds, fog and snow.

Despite the dark and cold that calls for rest, this can be a busy time of year — parties, families, buying or making gifts, urgency at the

grocery store..

As you run around trying to create happy holidays, you may be leaving something behind: your body.

Sure, your body goes everywhere with you, but it’s like you’re asking your body to Uber your mind around. And if you’re like many of my clients, you may give your body below-minimum wage. (What’s the least amount of movement, healthy food, and rest I can give my body and still get by?)

“I need to cook food for the potluck… donate and volunteer for the homeless… mail presents… catch up on my pile of unopened mail…. Body, get your $#* together, we have a lot to do.”

Your body is treated like a second class citizen, while its being asked to do so much.

What’s missing?

We live in a neck-up culture, and it can feel like laziness or abandonment to take important time to connect to your body. To feel what it’s actually feeling, hear its wisdom, and be with yourself while doing what needs to be done. Or NOT doing it (but without hounding yourself with lists of “shoulds”).

A simple way to check in and connect is to notice how you KNOW you have a body.

How do you know you’re not flying off into space?
That you’re taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide?
That your fingers or lips are alive?

Take a moment to do that yourself, or listen to this short body hello and come back to your home.

Give gratitude for this earthship—with all its imperfections—that is more like a royal miracle than an Uber driver.

I’m wishing you and your body a Happy Solstice, Happy Holidays, and many connections that fill your heart.

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