Individual Sessions for These Stressful Times

Let’s go back to the stressful times we had before…

We’ve lived in stressful times before the Covid-19 pandemic – but in hindsight, they look pretty easy.

Now we wonder about our health; the health of our family and loved ones; our community; small cozy businesses forced to close; having enough supplies to stay at home; home-schooling our kids; our income and bills; family get-togethers; economy and savings; those worse off even more on edge; the future.

Call from the heart to help.

I feel called from the heart to offer all that I know about how to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Rest at night
  • Be kind and intentional about your  life right now.

In addition to the coaching package, I’m offering individual sessions, focused on days and nights in these times.

In these one-hour sessions (by Zoom or phone), you can share what’s going on for you in your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Anything from practical concerns to deeper anxieties.

We’ll practice tools to help you let go of constant tension, tap into other layers of experience, so you can navigate this life  with more openness and flexibility, gratitude and presence.

That will help you calm the dreaded “what if” stories in your head and body, so you can deal with what really arises. You’ll be able to connect to what supports, even when you can’t get the hugs and closeness for a while.

It’s a rough time. But it’s easier to float on the waves as an open leaf than crumple under the water when its clenched and struggling.

That helps you create more of a loving, supportive community, which will get through it.


What does it cost? It depends….

A community is there for each other, and that’s what I want from us. I feel guidance to offer these sessions  at a cost that you can manage, and helps me manage as well.

To start, instead of my usual 9-session package, I’m offering individual sessions. And instead of my usual $100/ hour, I ask us to to pay from the heart. On my end, I go to my heart (and bank statements) to voice that a minimum contribution* feels right at $60/ hour to cover my expenses.

On your end, if in your heart, you’re able to contribute more, you’ll support those who can’t manage the minimum contribution.

* And if this is not doable, let’s find a way to serve each other. Ask your heart what is possible and a stretch for you, and let’s talk about what might work. I don’t want to leave anyone to suffer in these times and not have a roof, food or the basics of life.

Take a breath right now, put your hands on your heart, drop inside, and see what amount feels right. I welcome you with open arms to get the tools so we can travel these times as fully and calmly as possible. And it is possible!

Your next step is to contact me below, and we’ll go from there.


Next step: contact

I’d love to talk it over with you. We can see if I can help you be more buoyant in these days and nights.

Schedule a free consultation.

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