Do you feel trapped at night and exhausted during the day?

Even though insomnia and stress may feel like a prison, it’s not the same — day to day or night to night.

I’ve helped many people struggling with stress and insomnia – women, men, teens, the elderly. Their nights were something like these, and  maybe yours are, too:

  • You struggle to sleep or you wake in the middle of the night.
  • You’re filled with non-stop thoughts and anxiety about how you’ll do the next day.
  • You’ve tried to relax with meditation, relaxation exercises, clearing your mind, hypnosis tapes, Delta-wave music… but you still can’t let go.
  • Insomnia has gotten worse with news stories or a stressful situation in your own life.
  • You’re so sleep-deprived, you guzzle coffee or take a nap during the day and then can’t fall asleep at night.
  • You don’t think of yourself as having insomnia — but you sure wish you could have more rest at night and more “you” during the day.

If you are weary from exhausted days and stressed-out nights, you can benefit from this method. It starts with changing how you look at insomnia – your nights, your mind, how you relate to emotions, and more.

You also need a variety of skills to rejuvenate at night, because insomnia isn’t the same each time. That means experimenting with and practicing different techniques, to find what works best for you.

Then you’ll  have what it takes to soothe your sleepless nights, renew, and welcome sleep.

Does this sound like you?

If so, learn to feel rested and ready for life…. You can trust your ability to befriend your nights, and greet the mornings refreshed.

Are you ready to dive right in?

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Curious how Restful Insomnia helps your nights?

To be honest, when we started I wasn’t sure how much if at all you could help me, and it’s been tremendous. I am feeling rested and more energetic, enough so I’m now able to resume writing again!

~ Stephanie Osborn

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