Stress leaves you feeling disconnected from yourself and your world.

Struggling during the day, night, or both?

When you’re caught up in stress — about work, sleep, relationships, money, purpose — your life gets focused on feeling (or avoiding) the tension in your mind, body, and emotional reactions.

Life gets smaller. You miss out on connecting with your family and your friends… appreciating your accomplishments at work or home… enjoying the strength of your body when you exercise… the taste of food you prepare… the ability to rest and embrace sleep.

For many, it turns into self-blame for not doing the “right” things, feeling trapped, and missing the life your heart wants to lead. You may even forget you have that heart. I’ve been there.

When does your stress hog the attention?

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Your stress might have a trigger that shows up at a certain time of day (work, feeling lonely in the evening, sleep, etc.) Learn how the 7 Pathways can strengthen your relationship to who you are, so you can manage this stress whenever.

For many, stress can arise when you’re alone with yourself at night trying to sleep. Let’s start there.



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Stress at night…

If you’re awake and rather not be (one definition of insomnia), you might experience something like this:

  • You can’t seem to fall asleep or you’re wide awake in the middle of the night.
  • Non-stop thoughts and anxiety churn about the future, and/or how you’ll do the next day.
  • Even though you’ve tried to relax with meditation, relaxation exercises, clearing your mind, hypnosis tapes, Delta-wave music… you still can’t let go.
  • News stories or a stressful personal situation make your hours worse.
  • You’re so sleep-deprived, you guzzle coffee or take a nap during the day and then can’t fall asleep.
  • You may not think of yourself as having insomnia — but you sure wish you could have more rest and be more “you” during the day.

small yellow star with blue outlineWhen you are weary from exhausted days and stressed-out nights, this program is for you. It starts with changing how you look at insomnia – sleep, your mind, how you relate to emotions, and more.

You also need a variety of skills to shift, because insomnia isn’t the same each time. That means creating ones that work for you, and practicing them, so you can use them easily.

Then you’ll have what it takes to soothe your sleepless nights, renew, and welcome sleep.

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Stress during the day

Are you swimming in the water of stress — it’s so much of your life, you can’t even see it anymore.

But you know it’s there. You might feel it in one or more of these ways:

  • Unable to let go, even when you’re getting a massage, listening to music, or cuddling with your loved one.
  • Feeling uncomfortable, no matter where you are — no place where you can turn off.
  • Disconnection from your body, even after you’ve exercised or ate a good dinner.
  • Ruled by your mind and “shoulds.”
  • At the mercy of whatever mood might arise, from sadness to anger and anxiety.
  • Feeling isolated from others or a bigger presence as part of your life.
  • Sense of no purpose, from small tasks to bigger things.

Change your relationship to stress and sleep with the 7 Pathways.

We all encounter stress in life, but when it’s on a loop on Spotify or the radio, you can feel at a loss for how to get out of the spiral.

The 7 Pathways address each of these layers, so you can see through the stress, and rest into yourself.

Then you’ll be able to dance to other music in your life, tapping into your own purpose and process to own yourself once again.

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Does this sound like you?

Find out how to rest into yourself and create your life….

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Curious how Restful Insomnia can help you?

To be honest, when we started I wasn’t sure how much if at all you could help me, and it’s been tremendous. I am feeling rested and more energetic, enough so I’m now able to resume writing again!

~ Stephanie Osborn

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