Is Zoom making it harder to sleep and rest?

Our poor eyes!

It’s not enough that we’re staring at screens all day. We’re also looking at:

  • A grid of faces, some who’d rather not be there.

  • Our own weary reflection or bad hair days.

  • Someone’s head wavering into the background of a sunny beach.

Video call of animals on a laptop, with lion paws on the keyboardOn top of that, our tired eyes make it hard to rest and sleep. You’d think it would be the opposite!

Many clients recently complained that their eyes don’t rest even when they’re closed. 

That can be an obstacle to rest.

Do you experience tired eyes in bed feel like me? Instead of the usual cozy sensation, my eyes feel active, as if they’re still seeing even when the lids are closed. Almost as if there’s not a strong seal between the eyelids and eyes.

That’s unusual for me, and I wondered if it was related to my daytime Zoom-weary eyes. Thinking new computer glasses would help, I contacted my optometrist for a prescription.

Instead she suggested eye drops—4 times a day. I’m not a fan of yet another body care need. But I’m using them, and it’s made a difference during the day.

And at night. Like yesterday, when my eyes didn’t feel really closed, and the drops helped.

If you don’t like eye drops, try some tools to make things darker.

Use an eye mask or rest a clean dark sock over your eyes when in bed. Another tool is to rest your eyes using your hands (great midday at the desk) to darken your view:Woman with hands over eyes

  • Put the heels of your hands on your cheekbones, and your knuckles on your eyebrows.

  • Use your imagination to remember the darkest experience you can envision: a deep cave, moonless night in a thick forest.

  • Let your eyes rest into the dark.

  • When you’re ready to stop, do it gradually. Slowly open your fingers while keeping your eyes closed

Whatever you do to rest your eyes—drops, darkening tools, or even turning off the computer and phone—will help you more easily move into rest.

Let me know how it goes for you.

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