Let your mind wander where you are

Have you ever ended up in the kitchen, wondering what the hell you came to get?

Congratulations! Your human brain is working the way it was built.

I discovered (when I wrote Brain Fitness for Women) that your brain’s cognitive cortex is entwined with your motor cortex.

That means your thoughts aren’t just words. They’re also actions, like:

  • TalkingClassic drawing by Hirshfeld of Cole Porter, a poster for Too Darn Hot

  • Creating

  • Driving

  • Working

  • Exercising

  • Redecorating

  • Making dinner

When you replay an argument, say, you also imagine the location, the person you’re talking to, when it might happen. You’re not quite here.

The same is true when you remember to take your vitamins: Your brain goes into the kitchen where they’re stored. The action becomes more important than the item.

Getting grounded with your thoughts

When you want to become more grounded, bring your thoughts back home.

Ask your mind to focus on the space you’re in:

  • The walls, windows, art, and mess.

  • The colors.

  • The air on your skin.

  • Your body in space.

That’s an easy path to bring your mind back to “here/ now.”

Then you notice you! Where you are, what it feels like, what you feel like. It may not exactly be meditating on the senses… but if you just visit where you are being while you’re here, that’s leads you:

  • To be

  • To rest

  • To let the Essence of you experience a little radiant space.

yellow star with blue outline

With appreciation to your brain and body,

P.S. I also learned that our brain doesn’t have much room for names. Still, we remember what’s important: the essence of who others are, vs. their label or name. So be kind to yourself!

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