Media Appearances

I help people renew at night and live from their authentic selves.

Since my first book (Everyday Energy Boosters) was published in 2005, I’ve appeared on television, radio, magazines, podcasts, video-casts, corporations, bookstores, and yes, Zoom. Here are some of the places I’ve talked or provided workshops:

• Microsoft
• Group Health (now Kaiser Washington)
Seattle Counselors’ Association
The Living Room seminars
• Kavana Community
• Women’s World
• Seattle Post Intelligencer
Huffington Post
Living Your Truth summit
Skills Not Pills podcast
CJ Liu Fire It UP podcast
Front Seat: The Road Back to You podcast
Anxiety About Anxiety podcast (episode to be released)
Secrets of an Inspirational Life podcast


What gets me jazzed about podcasts and media…?!

I love connecting to people, from serious to fun.

I share perspectives and tools about what makes life inspired, how to manage inevitable obstacles, and living with a fluid awareness so you can tap into your authentic presence. Creative and joyous conversations help your listeners engage and learn.

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