Now it’s three: Gratitude for your mind, body AND heart

Mountain-scape with heart drawn in snowbankAs I went to bed after sending last month’s newsletter (Your Sense Memory and Gratitude), I realized I missed something. I had suggested doing a two-part gratitude as the first step of your night’s bedtime lullaby—the transition between wake and sleep.

The first part was thanking your mind for something it did during the day…. That might be managing a complicated conversation or more simply remembering to take your medicine.

The next step was to appreciate your body by remembering a sense memory: the taste of food, laughing during a card game, a mental memory of the cold, a hug, or the shape of leaves on a walk.

But I realized that wasn’t enough.

The third aspect of gratitude

Now I also suggest thanking your heart. In this step, you remember and appreciate some way you felt connected through your heart. It could be how your heart:

  • Was touched: A neighbor said hello, your cousin sent a text, you were moved by music or video.
  • Gave care: You watered your plants, texted a friend, smiled at a stranger.
  • Cared for you: You had a good meal, went to therapy, told yourself you are loveable.

When you remember the love you give and receive you create a full memory—with your mind and body—of what’s important to living each day.

My gratitudes

Nightly gratitude brings you back in the body, soothes emotions, and calms the mind. You gracefully close the day and open to sleep.

For me today, I’m grateful to:

  • My mind: for writing this newsletter.
  • My body: for feeling the shiver as I rinsed my head in cold water.
  • My heart: for you, my readers, clients, and supporters, helping me deepen my work of resting into ourselves.

May you relish the solstice, light, and whatever holidays and connections warm your mind, body, and heart.

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