Putting Insomnia to Rest

Putting Insomnia to Rest —

Six weeks to change your relationship
with insomnia and sleep.

Are you suffering with your insomnia?

Do you feel trapped – spending hours bouncing between stressing out, getting up, or taking meds?

Wrestling with insomnia is no joke. It can be hard, or even impossible, to get the rest you need so you can be productive the next day.

Maybe you’ve tried remedies, but they don’t always work or have side effects. Or you’re tried just resting, but it doesn’t really work because your mind and body race along, keeping you alert even as your dying to get to sleep.

You can break free from the insomnia trap. You can learn to shift out of insomnia hell to have control over your nights.

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Gain freedom from angst at night.

Putting Insomnia to Rest shows how you can be:

  • Free the overwhelming stress and anxiety of sleepless nights.
  • Able to tap into your hidden ability to rest.
  • Confident you can turn down the volume of your mind and soothe turbulent emotions.
  • Full of energy to live your life — productive and connected to yourself, family, and world.
  • Looking forward to bedtime, looking forward to the mornings being your whole self.

Anxiety and panic attacks that plagued me at night disappeared. I weaned myself off drugs, and started resting and sleeping more.

Elizabeth R. Kriston
Speech-Language Pathologist

What you get in this powerful, LIVE course

In Putting Insomnia to Rest, we’ll delve into how you can revitalize at night, the obstacles to rest (and sleep), and how to move past those obstacles to peaceful nights.

We’ll start by deeply exploring the seven pathways to rest and sleep.

Then we’ll learn and practice methods so you can renew at night – no matter whether you’re wakeful when you go to bed or awaken in the middle of the night.

You’ll learn how to address the myriad stressors and obstacles from wakefulness, including anxiety, irritations, and a blabbering mind.

“Nicely woven between techniques and physiology of our bodies – well done.”

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Here’s what you’ll receive when you take the course:

  • A new and healing perspective on your nights to release the struggle of insomnia.
  • Understanding of the seven principles of Restful Insomnia, so you can look at your nightly strife in a new light.
  • Really getting the value of rest, so you can shift out of the impossibility of chasing sleep.
  • Unique tools for key obstacles, to manage the challenges you’ve identified.
  • Time to ask questions and have them answered by Sondra, the originator of the program.
  • Detailed handouts to help you study and practice what you’ve learned.

I make the recordings available, because I know how insomnia is, and sometimes you have a chance to grab a nap or rest during the day. I don’t want you to miss that opportunity to rest if you need it, so you can always listen in after.

How this course changes your nights

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Many clients and students feel powerless over their nights before we start working together. Listen, even just feeling powerless is a stressor… beyond sleeplessness.

With this course, you’ll really know the value of rest, and have options you can use to feel more alive again. You’ll be able to stop struggling and take charge of your insomnia.

And what does that give you?

Nights to renew, welcome sleep, and create energy to live the life you want.

About Sondra

It all started during an intense bout of chronic insomnia – after numerous cures didn’t work, I discovered that deep rest not only removed insomnia stress, it also meant I felt more like myself the next day and welcomed sleep.

I became very curious about how sleep and rest during that bout of insomnia. Curious about how rest renewed and what got in its way. I developed methods to move into rest, pretty much no matter what. Restful Insomnia was born, to transform the nights of others awake when they didn’t want to be.

My curiosity and my passion to see people contribute and live fantastic lives (instead of barely functioning after sleepless nights) led me to write four books on brain function, personal energy, and of course insomnia. I have been trained in counseling, life coaching, hypnosis, NLP, meditation, and more.

How we live our lives well, night and day – that’s a journey I’m privileged help others live.

Sondra Kornblatt

Course details

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Putting Insomnia to Rest consists of 6 weekly classes, one hour each week, in the warm video community of Zoom.

In each class, we will explore new perspectives on insomnia, and we’ll practice at least one technique to help you shift your nights.

I can’t begin to tell you how much this has helped….
Now that I know how to rest, I’m calmer about insomnia. And my days—they’re more focused and energized.

Stephanie Osborn

Class 1:

Connecting to yourself and your nights.

In this class we’ll start at the foundation. Sometimes it’s just so frustrating when you don’t even know why you’re not sleeping well. I’ll help you understand your nights, your challenges, and what you’d really like. It will all be framed by exploring the 7 principles of Restful Insomnia,, so you can see which obstacles are causing the biggest issues for you.

We’ll definitely include a few things that you can do right away to start shifting your nights from stress to rest.

Class 2:

How to stop chasing sleep.

Here we explore a fundamental principle of Restful Insomnia: How your desperate quest for sleep keeps you tense and awake. Even when you understand the concept, it’s a hard habit to give up until you know what to you do instead.

And what to do is rest… deeply rest. We’ll uncover the value of rest, how it helps you renew at night, and how it brings you closer to sleep (when you’re not chasing it). With all this as a basis, we’ll investigate what you can do during the following week, so you move away from the agony about sleep towards the renewal of rest.

Class 3:

How do you create and relate your nighttime world?

Class 3 is about where you rest at night, your connection to your bedroom and how it supports you in rest. And not just about the sheets on your bed or the blackout blinds on your windows.

We’ll explore how to create a cocoon of the body, mind, and soul. We’ll connect in our minds to a place we feel nurtured and held in the world. And we’ll create bridges to echo that in your own bedroom.

We’ll also talk about practical steps to create a place that supports sleep and rest. And how you can change your relationship to your environment when it’s not exactly what you’d prefer.

Class 4:

Getting closer to your body, through connection and awareness.

Is your body your BFF (best friend forever) or is it kinda like the vehicle that carries your mind around? Connection to your body can always go deeper in this culture of ours, and the deeper the connection, the more easily rest and sleep will come. Because when you just visit your body, you can’t access its wisdom to help you rest.

This fourth class explores your relationship with your body, how to move beyond thinking about it to really living in it. Your connection to your body leads you out of the mind and stress into rest, into the path of rejuvenation.

Class 5:

Quieting the demanding mind when it’s time to rest.

I bet there are some nights when you’d like your mind to run out of battery life. We live in a very mind-focused society, which has its uses during the day. But your day mind taking charge at night… that can make you feel looney.

In this fifth class, we’ll look at ways to understand your mind, and to change your relationship to it. So you can descend into the freer mind of the night. And yes, that night mind that welcomes beloved rest and sleep.

Class 6:

Creating your nights of rest.

In the final class of this course, we’ll pull together all you’ve learned and experienced. We’ll have time for you to create and hone your own top tools, and to set the intentions for your nights.

We’ll explore what obstacles may remain to creating the nights of rest you want. And we’ll talk about how to move through them. You’ll come away with your path to make your nights what you want.

How much is it and how do I pay?

Putting Insomnia to Rest costs $290 for all six sessions, payable in advance. Or if you’d like, you can make two payments (before the first class and fourth class) of $165 each.

Once you sign up for the class, you can pay in full using PayPal or a check. For payment plans, either use PayPal with its automatic recurring payment, or send two checks, one post-dated for the second payment.

With all this, you’ll have both new skills and a new perspective on insomnia, so you can set the stage for renewing yourself at night for a more “you” day.

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Sign up if you’re ready… or ask me more if you’re not.

If you’re ready to put your insomnia to rest, just sign up here. I’m happy to have you part of this class!

Putting Insomnia to Rest

And if you still have questions, feel free to email me and we can sort through if this is the right path for you.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you, in the class or via email, soon.

Glide into rest.

When you change your perspective on sleep and rest…

When you learn the tools and make them your own. . . .

When you use them whenever you can’t sleep…

You will easily say goodbye to the struggle over trying to sleep, glide into rest, and open doors to renewal and sleep itself.

And that, oh sleepy one, is the key to a happier, more productive and present life.

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Wishing you restful nights,