Reciprocity: Helping More People

What’s the difference between value and reciprocity?
The heart expands when energy flows both ways.

I love working with my clients, but my heart wants to serve more. So I’m widening my view.

Since I’ve begun Restful Insomnia, I approached my pricing from the realm of value – that is, all that you get when you deeply rest and have energy for life. The ability to be present in work, relationships, parenting, health, self-esteem, thinking, emotions, and your true self are beyond worthwhile.

All that’s true, and… value is just one perspective. I’ve been prompted to see my work that way, from a capitalistic perspective (supply and demand, given how unique Restful Insomnia is) and even “vibrating with the highest” new-age view. However, both capitalism and “vibrating with the highest” have their limited truths.

Exchange for mutual benefit

Now, instead of looking at my work from its value (such a subjective term, anyway), I’m seeing it through reciprocity, defined as “exchanging things with others for mutual benefit.”



What’s true in my life and work is this… the more I share:

  • More people get to experience rest… which not only changes nights, but for many, gives them their life back.
  • The happier my heart is, because I’m doing the work I love and am called to do.
  • Reciprocity increases – that is, as as I share my resources around sleep and rest with clients, their resources flow to me (e.g., payment, but that word doesn’t have the energy I like).

Increasing reciprocity

To that end I’ve sat with what I charge for sessions on a deep levels, including mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. My intention is to increase reciprocity, increase the accessibility to my work for so many who need it.

Before, my prices for nine sessions of coaching on all the pathways to rest were $1170, or three payments of $400/ month.

The new pricing that sits well in my heart is $810 for these nine sessions (or three monthly payments of $300).

My calculator says that is a 30% reduction for the full session payment. But I didn’t do it for the math, I did it to serve more people.

I hope that you, or someone you know, will be pulled by their hearts to get out of the morass of insomnia and leaden days. That they will learn how to change how they relate to insomnia, and to their lives.

To that end, in March I will begin my 30-in-30 challenge, to have 30 free consultations in 30 days. Feel free to connect about a free consultation now, or keep an eye out for the emails I’ll be sending out soon.

Wishing you restful nights, led by your loving heart. Because I know for a fact that feels good!

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