Renewing in dark times

Greetings from the darkest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.

You might honor the dark with the Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Diwali, or New Year’s. My favorite is to burn regrets and wishes, letting go of the old, welcoming in the new.

However you rest into darkness—from winter, the night, or challenging times—I hope you hold yourself in kindness.

Computerized image of a star with sun, clouds, and green hills in it

There’s a lot of letting go lately, even just of plans and expectations. Help yourself by nurturing the ground of who you are, replenishing your earth, allowing new life to regenerate.

This poem says it so well.

In the darkness and the quiet, life thrums.

Deep under the earth, covered and fed by all that has been let go of, all that has been given up in offering, are the seeds, forming, rooting, dreaming.

Within the dark transformational matter, life begins.

In the death of the old, medicine is born.

All beginnings start in the darkness, in the fecund earth, in the pulsing womb.

It is not spring where life suddenly appears, but now, in these inward months.

Spring is not a saviour of winter days, it is birthed from winter, born because of winter.

And it is this winter story that teaches me much about my own human journey.


• by Brigit Anna McNeill

Wishing you sweetness and peace,

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P.S. I made the image of life in a star 23 years ago. There was no “cloud” back then, though it may be on a hard floppy disc somewhere in the universe. I’m glad I still have my hard copy to remember it by.

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