Shift from agony to ease… from exhaustion to meaning.

Restful Insomnia services include sleep and life coaching, as well as books and products in the store. Curious about what can be the most help for your stress and sleep? Feel free to email or sign up for a free consultation.

Sleep Coaching – personalized tools to change your nights and days

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Discover your own best ways to create peaceful nights and energized days. Tap into your strengths, address your needs, and personalize your path to rest with Restful Insomnia coaching.

In one-on-one sessions, we’ll explore what is weighing you down, both with your insomnia and living your days. We’ll customize tools to be the most effective for you, so moving into deep rest and welcoming sleep becomes familiar and easy.

As you make friends with your nights, you’ll have energy for the life you want to live.

Restful Insomnia is a tool that can help many (including my patients) achieve peaceful nights.

Dr. Teresa Jacobs
Creekside Sleep Center

Personal Life Coaching – rest into who you really are

Is stress is wearing you down, even if you’re managing sleep? Do you feel like:

  • You’re holding your breath all day?
  • You can’t – or don’t want to — do everything on your list?
  • You’re driven by “shoulds” without a clue how to connect with who you really are?

Some continue our work after they’ve done the sleep coaching. Others reach out because they’re running life in a reactive way, feel busy but unfulfilled, want to integrate a deeper perspective and still feel grounded in life, and a host of other reasons.

I use a large variety of approaches, including co-active coaching, the 7 Pathways for daily use, energy checking, guided reflections, energy psychology (tapping), and more. I love coaching people on connecting to their true selves, to expand their sense of alignment in everyday lives. Let’s connect in a free consultation, so you can discover how our coaching can create the change you desire.

Free Consultation – discover how to come back to you


If you’re at the end of your rope, with sleepless nights and exhausted days, it can be hard to think of what to do. Actually, just hard to think!

In this free 30 minute consultation, we’ll assess where you are, so you recognize the biggest issues that are making your days and nights so tough right now. I’ll share an effective first step to use immediately. And we’ll make a plan so you can move to more restful nights. That might include options for us to work one-on-one together, if that’s appropriate.

Let’s talk so you can begin to have soothing nights and meaningful days.

Renewing in Chaos – video series to rest in turbulent times

Is it getting to be a tough time for sleep, with politics, world events, and animosity? Without rest – no matter what keeps you up – emotions, health, mind, and life are on edge.

This nine-video series, with over 90 minutes of content, covers key tools to help you move away from stress, chattering mind, and difficult emotions, to move into deep, renewing rest.

Click below to learn more about this powerful online video training to change your nights. So you can be present in your life and actions.

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Imagine your life when you can
truly rest into your best self.

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What would your life be like, when you have energy and focus? It’s a change that comes from within you, and will last.

I’d love to hear any questions you have about starting work together. You can use this contact form, or we can talk in a free consultation. I’m looking forward to hearing about your life, concerns, and hopes for your nights and days.

Products and Booksto soothe your nights

Check out the store to find Restful Insomnia: How to Get the Benefits of Sleep, Even When You Can’t and other books Sondra has written on brain function and personal energy.

And get items for your Night Nest. They can make your environment a place to snuggle into your nights – to relax, revive, and welcome sleep.

Restful Insomnia books and products