Shift nights from agony to ease… and days from exhaustion to meaning.

Restful Insomnia includes a variety of ways to help you at night, including services such as coaching and training. In the store you’ll find books and products, and you can always contact me for a free consultation to find the way that works best for you.

Free Consultationbegin your move to restful nights

If you’re at the end of your rope, with sleepless nights and exhausted days, it can be hard to think of what to do. Actually, just hard to think!

In this free 30 minute consultation, we’ll assess your insomnia, so you recognize the biggest issues that keep you from rest right now. I’ll share an effective first step to use immediately. And we’ll make a plan so you can move to more restful nights. That might include options for us to work one-on-one together, if that’s appropriate.

Let’s talk so you can begin to have soothing nights and meaningful days.


Coachingcustom skills to soothe your nights

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Personalize your path to rest with Restful Insomnia Coaching. Discover your own best ways to create peaceful nights and energized days. Tap into your strengths and address your needs.

In one-on-one sessions, I’ll help you manage insomnia in new ways. Gain a deep understanding of your most stubborn obstacles. Discover what techniques are most effective, and customize tools so moving into deep rest becomes familiar and easy.

Make friends with your nights, and have energy for the life you want to live.

Restful Insomnia is a tool that can help many (including my patients) achieve peaceful nights.

Dr. Teresa Jacobs
Creekside Sleep Center

Renewing in Chaos – video series to rest in turbulent times

Is it getting to be a tough time for sleep, with politics, world events, and animosity? Without rest – no matter what keeps you up – emotions, health, mind, and life are on edge.

This nine-video series, with over 90 minutes of content, covers key tools to help you move away from stress, chattering mind, and difficult emotions, to move into deep, renewing rest.

Click below to learn more about this powerful online video training to change your nights. So you can make a difference.

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Putting Insomnia to Restlive online course

Say “goodnight” to insomnia, to get the rest you need so you can be productive the next day.

In this online course, we’ll explore the seven pathways to rest. You’ll learn to overcome wakeful obstacles, from watching the clock, irritations, and a non-stop mind. You’ll learn methods to deeply rest and welcome sleep – at bedtime or the middle of the night.

You’ll change the way you experience insomnia, and become free from anxiety and struggle at night. You’ll know the tools to deeply rest, so you can experience refreshing nights and energetic days, anytime you wish.

Imagine having restful nights…


What would your life be like then, with energy and focus? It’s a change that comes from within you, and will last.

I’d love to hear any questions you have about starting work together. You can use this contact form, or we can talk in a free consultation. I’m looking forward to hearing about your life, concerns, and hopes for your nights and days.

Products and Booksto soothe your nights

You can find books (Restful Insomnia: How to Get the Benefits of Sleep, Even When You Can’t) and others Sondra has written on brain function and personal energy.

And get items for your Night Nest. They can make your environment a place to snuggle into your nights – to relax, revive, and welcome sleep.

Restful Insomnia books and products