Reduce Stress and Really Rest
Sondra Kornblatt, Public Speaker

Sondra Kornblatt helps people exhausted from stress and insomnia get their rest, heal what’s underneath, and live their authentic selves. She is the best-selling author of four health books on sleep, brain function, and energy boosting.

As a certified sleep and life coach, she guides clients to rest into their true self, so they are more centered during the day and welcome sleep at night. Through her own journey in insomnia and studies, she developed the 7 Pathways to Rest, which change relationships to body, mind, emotions, and self. She uses disciplines such as somatic healing, visualization, yoga, and hypnosis, as well as her own tools that have helped thousands. Sondra is the author of four books on sleep, brain function, and energy boosting. She has spoken at Microsoft, Group Health, Seattle Counselors’ Association, and elsewhere. She’s been interviewed on many podcasts, newspapers, television and radio stations. She consistently gets excellent feedback for her unique and useful perspectives on stress and sleep.

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I’ve tried several different sleep methods and experts for four years, but Sondra’s techniques were the ones that finally started me on the path to feeling well rested at night. Thanks for that!

~ Gary Cannon
Conductor and Musicologist

Clients Sondra has worked with:

• Microsoft
• Group Health
• Seattle Counselors’ Association
• The Living Room
• Living Your Truth Summit (Watch the interview here)
• Skills Not Pills (Watch the interview here)
• C.J. Liu Fire It UP (Watch the interview here)
• Tell the Truth with Jill Prescott (Watch the interview here)
• And many more…

Speaking Topics

Change your relationship to  obstacles, create soothing tools, and get the rest you really need:

Is the Sleep Fairy a Slacker? The Key Reason (Missed By Sleep Experts) You Aren’t Getting the Rest You Need

When recommended sleep habits don’t work, nights and days become a huge struggle. Learn this missing perspective and tools to rest, for days of energy and purpose.

Stress Repair – Tools for Your Body, Mind, and Emotions

Stress is part of life, but out-of-control stress can lead to thoughtless actions or paralysis. Changing how the body, thoughts, and emotions interact changes stress, and improves the ability to respond well to life choices.

Renewing in Chaos – 3 Tools to Find Rest in Turbulent Times

Global affairs make it harder to sleep, so health, moods, and energy suffer. Discover how to create room for rest, even in stressful times, to stay connected in life.

Emotional Transparency – Integrating Emotions, Mind, Body, and Action

Emotional resilience (vs. being buffeted by emotions or hiding from them) is key to navigating life. Tools and perspectives help balance the body, mind, and actions, creating more options to respond to emotions with wisdom.

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Sondra’s program can help many (including my patients) achieve peaceful nights.

~ Dr. Teresa Jacobs
Creekside Sleep Center

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