Stop treading water and put insomnia to rest

Melanie was a best selling author of dozens of books, but was too exhausted to write anymore.

Being unable to write was one of the most frustrating, saddening things about her insomnia.

On top difficult nights, she didn’t have the energy or focus to turn any of her ideas into stories. She could sit in front of her computer, but nothing good came from it.

Melanie felt trapped. She’d tried everything to sleep and relax, and (as she told me later) she was skeptical at first of working with me.

But as she learned to change her nights, her writing blossomed anew.

Are you just managing with your exhaustion?

Your job, kids, relationship… they might not be perfect. But you haven’t been fired, the kids are kids, and you’re still in your relationship.

And taking care of yourself… barely, but everyone’s busy, right?

Treading water certainly keeps you from drowning, but it’s not really living.

If your dreams, if the life you really want to live, seems far, far off through a fog of exhaustion, just managing it isn’t enough.

Climb out of the pit of exhaustion. Join this fall’s group, Putting Insomnia to Rest.

I love the energy of groups – how people learn from each other, hear answers to questions they didn’t even know they had. They make connections to others on the same journey and to themselves. They develop tools to soothe their nights and be more alive during the day.

This group is a powerful path for you (or those you care about) to get back to their lives.

Details are here, but if you sign up now, you get an early bird discount of $90 off (until August 15).

Emerge from exhaustion to who you really want to be. I look forward to seeing you there.


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