Struggling is unnecessary

The night after a routine medical procedure last week was absurdly rid-unculous. Between:

  • Pain from rolling over
  • Sinus headache and cough
  • Achy swollen glands
  • Full bladder every hour…

If one thing didn’t wake me up, another one did.
And I was fine.

Because I knew how to rest, deep in my bones. These short-term medical bumps turned into hiccups in the night, not full-scale struggle with sleep.

I want others to know what I know

Life is tough.

But not knowing how to rest into who you really are? That’s unnecessary added pain.

That’s why I’m offering 30 free consultations in 30 days… or what the hey, until Thanksgiving.

What you get from a free consultation

Do life and nights feel off, where you are not getting enough rest and not living the way you want? Here’s a chance to understand and shift what’s going on underneath.

We start by exploring the biggest barriers to rest, from your relationship to sleep to your relationship to your life. And we’ll look at how you can get through the barriers so you can find the pathway back to rest, sleep, and yourself.

As we talk, you’ll be able to:

  • Recognize the biggest issues that keep you from rest, whether they happen at night and/or during the day.
  • Know an effective first step to use right away.
  • Have a plan so you can get rest into who you really are — to renew and sleep at night and be who you want during the day. That might include options for us to work more deeply together, if appropriate.

All this in 30-40 minutes. Let’s talk and change your nights, just click here if you’re ready to schedule.

I can’t wait to connect with you (or someone you know who is stressed and sleepless), so you find your path to renew, rest, and welcome sleep.

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