The 5 principles I use to help my insomniac clients​

Rest seems simple, doesn’t it? I mean, you just stop and let go.

But it’s not always easy.

That’s because obstacles rear their ugly heads, leaving you frustrated with a non-stop mind, tense body, rumbling anxiety, loneliness, and maybe jealousy of your partner snoring next to you.

But you can move through those obstacles to the land of deep rest, the land of renewal and welcoming sleep. It happens once you’re conversant with these five principles that are central to the Restful Insomnia approach:

1. Creating a rest-supportive environment

It starts with the elements for your peaceful bedtime cocoon, one that’s dark, quiet, and cool. But since things are not always in our control, we also practice how to change how you relate to an imperfect environment, creating room to rest.

2. Connecting with your body

It’s so easy to take our bodies for granted, to see them as vehicles for what we want to do. In the land of renewal, we learn ways to rest into our bodily home…to access its wisdom, address its needs, and soothe discomfort and pain.

3. Quieting your chattering mind

Do you have mind that won’t shut up at night, rambling from serious issues to trivial concerns? Here we practice how to change your relationship to your mind, giving it less power to keep you awake and tense, and more room to move into rest and sleep.

4. Generating space around difficult emotions

Emotions can take you for a ride in the middle of the night, with little to distract you and feeling all alone. We explore how your body and mind can help, not by eliminating uncomfortable feelings but giving you space to move into rest.

5. Connecting to something bigger

It can feel lonely and isolating when you’re awake and the rest of the world is asleep. Here’s where we look at how to connect to something bigger, be it family, community, spirituality – whatever resonates for you. Knowing it’s not just you against the world gives you space to let go.

If you aren’t proficient in these principles, if you’re still struggling at night or relying on sleep aids, if you’re zoned out during the day, let me know. I can help you stop chasing sleep and get these principles and techniques in your body memory. So you can feel confident of a night of restoration to feel rested and ready for life!

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  • BestPhysicianBellevue

    Thank you for sharing this informative post,
    Idea of having cool, dark space to rest is the best. Sleep problems are lonely afflictions that can diversely affect our health. Dealing with emotions can help us to relax our mind and get good night sleep.

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