The truth about insomnia: Interview with a Spiritual Badass

Jill Prescott, Spiritual Badass, is going to talk to me about the Truth of Insomnia — hope you can join us.  

Just click and follow this link, then “see first” to be notified when we go live.
This is what Jill said about our upcoming conversation:

“I want to tell the truth about how chasing sleep keeps you awake.” 

“Ok Sondra Kornblatt, you’ve got my attention!”

“This sleep coach (so cool!!) is down for telling the truth about what it takes to get a good night sleep, even when life is stressful. Her reasons for this are very compelling, and you’ll have to join us to hear why.” 

See you all on Facebook Live on Saturday March 30th at 10 AM PST!

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