Video: Healing, Rest, & Calm in the Pandemic

So much, and it changes every day! Seems like ages ago (just 2 weeks) that I was getting used to more hand washing and no hugs.

Now I’m anticipating a request to shelter in place. I won’t enjoy it, and it’s a way to help those on the front medical lines, immuno-compromised, the elderly, the differently abled. That’s really all of us.*

To help us I videoed a conversation with Claretha Yeager, a healer at Jade Path Acupuncture. We talked about how to manage and release stress, to rest, and meet these times in the best way possible. Take a look and gain some tools to help you be more buoyant in the rough waves.

Healing and Rest ~ Even in These Stormy Times: Sondra Kornblatt and Claretha Yeager from Restful Insomnia on Vimeo.

I felt called to offer flexible pricing, pay-from-the-heart individual sessions to help you manage the stress of these times. Extraordinary stressful times, and I want  you to get the help.

I want to support us, because each of us having a calmer heart creates a more supportive community. And a more supportive community will get through this.

Click here to learn about individual coaching

Exhale! Find nano-seconds of rest. Don’t judge yourself for your journey. We will get through this.

* I wanted to note how we can do something with privilege. In these times, I can manage what really are annoyances, having shelter, food, and online connections. Many are not so fortunate, and are unheard in their suffering. Check out your local non-profits and gofundme sites that help marginalized people and artists. It feels good to your heart to donate.

Wishing you healthy days and nights, in your heart, body, and mind,




P.S. If you or someone you know are struggling with issues like Covid-19 fear, sleep, stress, or critical inner voices, would you let them know about my free consultations?

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